Roagna Marcos, was born in Turin on 11 / 9 / 1961 and began playing at age twelve inspired by the great masters of the blues like Hendrix, Santana, Clapton etc.. In 1983 he began his concert career, performing alongside major gauges of guitar finger-picking "as: Peppino D'Agostino, Wayne Tooker, Philadelphia Jerry Ricks and Duck Baker in clubs and theaters in Turin. There are also numerous live and studio collaborations with national and international artists such as Massimo Bubola, Nomadi, PFM, i Giganti, Arthur Miles (vocalist Zucchero and Tina Turner), Sarah Pierce, Rodolfo Maltese Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and countless others.

He also played at the Teatro Nuovo di Torino in various musicals such as West Side Story, Metropolis, Jesus Christ Superstar in the latter alongside the great dancer André De La Roche.

Since 2003 he worked as a guitarist and composer with the historic jazz-rock band progessive "Arti e Mestieri" with which he participated in the most important Progressive Music Festival in Japan, Mexico, USA and Europe playing alongside names like Alan Parsons, Mel Collins and David Cross of King Crimson and David Jackson of Van der Graaf Generator.

In 2006 the musical project "Soul Rope" with jazz singer Lil Darling, inspired by the great duo Tuck and Patty.

In 2008 was born the project "TAXI DREAM"

with F. Bertone, S. Livolsi and Lil Darling

In 2011 returned to his first love: the BLUES!

And founded the MP3 ... (MarcosPowerTrio)

with F. Coenda and G. Romagnolo.

Roagna Marcos, is a teacher in high demand

for internships in advanced technical

country-blues-rock and progressive guitar

has developed a method called "six-string

to seven notes" with transcriptions in

tablature and videos attached.